We have an exciting announcement!

Dr. Shikha Sheth has joined our practice as a non-invasive cardiologist with expertise in cardiac critical care, advanced echocardiography, nuclear and vascular imaging. 


She is passionate about forming relationships with her patients that lead to long term mutual trust and shared decision making.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sheth to our Affinity Heart Care family!

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Non-invasive procedures help our patients with suspected or known heart and/or vascular conditions with testing that does not cause discomfort and is not complicated

Procedures are done in our office without using any needles, fluids, or other instruments.

Interventional / Invasive

Interventional cardiology treats heart disease by inserting a small, flexible tube to reach the heart.

Invasive cardiology uses open or minimally-invasive surgery to identify or treat structural or electrical abnormalities within the heart structure.

Both services are performed at the Morristown Medical Center or RWJ University Hospital in Somerset